Not giving up…

Windlight setting :: Nam’s Beach scene

Hello there!,
Herp derping in the house!. So, as some of you know, I’m a secondlife shadows addict. Unfortunately for my poor pc I burnt out my graphics card while trying to capture an awesome look at an awesome ( entirely mesh enabled sim ) resulting in a work overload for my laptop *cries*. I posted up a thread about this on flickr and whined my ass off.

Heeeeelllpppp =(  please?
( Click the image to see more. Especially if you’re having some of the same issues, it helps to see what was suggested. And to all those who left helpful comments. Thank you so much!! )

Because, I refuse to be deterred, and this blogging bug has a hold on me and school is out! so boredom is my private advocate!, I went ahead and dusted off my mac laptop and began snapping!. I can do without shadows for a few until my friend helps me install a new graphics card. He’s like a computer brainyack and seems to think it’s cute I know what a graphics card is. Teeehehe, win win for rl Mia? Maybe?.

Anyway, while on the topic of switching up. My friend @ [HANDverk] suggested this new viewer at ( which I’m sure everyone’s heard about by now.. I’m so late on things, many apologies ) which I absolutely love!. It’s pretty awesome for combat ( if you’re into shooting and stuff ) and! its got the best shadows ever!, well at least I’m getting shadows. My only problem thus far is this annoying invisible prims glitch I get when I turn on my shadows. Here’s a comparison picture;

Not giving up. ( Pt. 1 ) ( Exodus viewer glitch )

Anyone have a clue what this is all about? Let me know in the comments below please?. In the meantime check out this look I put together;

Not giving up. ( Pt. 2 )

I can honestly say I’ve changed my skin a number of times since the (love) skin scandal but, so far I think I’ve finally come to a halt! with this beautiful skin from Illusory *squeals*! so adorable! and it’s on sale for only 300L. Ivy Graves you’re awesome!

What I am wearing;
Poses used
DEUX. Simply Wider than the sky by Bent!
Jazz-3 by Diesel Works

Eyeliner & Blush :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Teeth :: Mouth open Addon v6 by [ PXL ] ( see marketplace )
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! (Light Brow) by [Ill] Illusory ( on sale now )
Shape :: Mine.
Eyes :: Lunar EYES in AZUR ( Large pupils ) by <<< negaposi >>>
Hair :: FNQ123 hair in blonde by booN
Skirt :: Nomad Skirt Pants in Vintage Floral by *League*
Jacket :: Buttoned Short Jacket in (Pink) by Tee*fy
Fists :: Taped Fist (Full Palm -Forearm Gap) by SiniStyle
Undershirt/ Dress :: Soft Holiday Mini Dress in (Grey) by Kyoot ( 50L friday item)

Video :: Not Giving Up On Love (Ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor) by Armin Van Buuren
( Even if you’re not a fan of Trance music
please watch this video for a glimpse at
Sophie Ellis-Bextor alone.
Ohh my goodness! she’s freaking gorgeous!! )

Thank you so much! and Happy Holidays!.


As the year comes to an end in about a week and with the holidays around the corner I started reminising on the year, my time in sl, and my time as a virtual blogger.

I can honestly say, sl wise, I have had a very eventful year. I’ve met so many people, gained some friends and lost some. I look forward to 2012 and what may come.

I would like to thank you all for the time we’ve had, your support, views and comments because, frankly you guys make playing this silly game worthwhile! :D. Because, to tell the truth, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for secondlife. But here we are, at least 2 years later!… I regret nothing!.

Just a recap of your Top 12 most visited pages in the year 2011.

Home page
DOF mini-tutorial. Mia’s way.
Windlight settings are your friend!.
The native inspiration.
Born to be wasted.
Skin like Lavender.
The unofficial panty post.
“Ariels, in the sky”


Happy holidays!!!
With love always,

Merry Christmas everyone....

Video :: Vitamin C – Graduation ( Friends froever )

Power Kid ( Feat. Kid Cocaine ).

Location :: Virtual Decay


WE NEED MORE MALE BLOGGERS IN SL!!.Annnddd, end rant. It’s been ages since I’ve done a blogger collarboration and since I enjoyed the last one I decided it was time for another!.

I think I can count the number of male bloggers there are in sl-who are actually male-on two hands. Of course, who can really blame them? Half of the merchandise in sl is geared towards females, except for, maybe that once a year make him over hunt there is barely anything out there for them. Which kinda sucks because, there are some men who actually put an effort into their looks and then, there are those who go the extra mile and blog about those looks. Hence, we just have to show our appreciation.

I got to meet up with Lorenzo Mixemup,blogger and owner of the blog Kid cocaine the other day! We got dressed, found a spot and took some shots!. Ohh that rhymed!. Anyway, I just have to THANK the kid because, for some reason my pc decided to bitch out ( Ha! no pun intended) and I literally crashed over 4 times before getting a snapshot in so, he ended up having to take most of the shot and during the entire time he was so patient and understanding. And in some ways I think that’s what blogging really takes. Patience.

Anyway, check out our swagu ( heheh, he says that on his flickr ). Kid Cocaine and Jumphearts. Aren’t we just the sexiest?! Check out The Kid’s blog for more men’s fashion!


As always,

What KidCocaine wore;
Shorts :: Mantae short pants Denim in (gray) by [ NERD.P ]
Boots :: [Docs] boot by Gos
Jacket :: Rising sun jacket in green by Poison
Shirt :: Baggy Shirt in red by [NSD]
Baseball bat :: Beat’em up! Bat by Cobrahive
Mask :: Kao Mask by Cobrahive
Hair :: Sofian in DBrown 05 [BURLEY]
Eyes :: Eyes in Sea by .:Hermony:.

What I wore;
Poses :: by Kuso
Dress :: The Awesome Lace Dress in Blue by -(BR)- ( Bad Romance)
Leg tattoo :: Bow Legging Tattoo by [GLUE INK]
Fist tape :: Taped Fist by SiniStyle
Jacket :: Studded Biker Jacket by ::BB:: ( Beetlebones) [MESH] ( Found @ the four corners event )
Eyeliner :: Wings (eyeshadow) by .ID. (.Insufferable Dastard )
Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Light Blue by .ID.(.Insufferable Dastard )
Baseball bat :: Beat’em up! Bat by Cobrahive
Teeth :: Teeth by DeeTaleZ
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black by Slink [MESH]
Hair :: JOLIE extensions – Sweeden by [LeLutka]
Skin :: Ebba – [Fair] – 01 by LAQ

Video :: Headlines by Drake
I might be too strung out on compliments
Overdose on confidence
Started not to give a fuck
and stopped fearing the consequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments
Faded way too long I’m floating in and out of consciousness

You used to be happy, try!

Windlight settings :: [TOR] SUNSET – Pink sink

Hello, dear friends,


If I could go on a rant about the things that annoy me in the secondlife design community I could go on and on about how much copybotting, lack of originality and lack of respect keeps gnawing away at the essence and integrity of our fashion community.

We all have a part to play in making all this fun, imagine what it would be like if we all cooperated with each other? Drop the copy botting, search harder for original ideas… just imagine.

You’re probably wondering where all this has stemmed from. Well, part of it has to do with this skin from (love) which I blogged about a few days ago HERE. As you’ll notice, the item is no longer available at Mae Liamano’s store. I was curious as to what had happened to it and why it was no longer available. It turns out that the seller of the templates which Mae had purchased was later banned for selling copybotted templates causing a series of domino effects, Mae’s skin being one of the victims. Imagine how disheartening this was to me, especially since I had literally spent months searching for a skin I liked with no luck. And as I finally find one it turns out to be too good to be true.*shrugs* Will I stop wearing this skin though? No, at least not until I find another skin to replace this one because, though it’s background is unfortunately shady, that doesn’t take anything away from the work, time and effort Mae put into the skin and of course I refuse to waste the L I spent on it. So there, judge me if you like but, at least I’d be judged in a pretty skin 🙂

Another sad situation, is this unfortunate incident going on, on flickr concerning a blogger, a designer and copybotting ( please take the time to read this if you are a designer ).

(click the image to see the thread.)

I do hope that in time things will slowly change, I believe sl has so much potential. Anyway, enough with the sob stories. Here’s my look for the day;


and as always,

What I am wearing;
Pose :: Francesca pose 06 AUSHKA $ CO
Lace Blouse :: Claven Lace Blouse in ANTIQUE by [W&B] (Whippet & Buck)
Skirt :: Nomad Skirt in Vintage Floral by *League*
Fringe Top :: Fringe top in pure by Izzie’s
Cardigan :: Indian cardigan Jacket by [ 2byte ]
Gloves :: Leather Gloves in *cocoa* by (5th&Oxford)
Makeup :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Freckles :: Freckles Tatoo Layer ( came with skin pack) by *YS&YS* (Your skin & your shape )
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes in N15 by Miamai
Necklace :: Wanderer in -Oak- Necklace -4 Discs by *League*
Scarf :: FRINGE SCARF in leafy by MIEL
Hair :: Soft in Blonde 01 by [e] (elikatira)
Skin :: Emma Medium (lt eyebrows) by (love) skin ( no longer available )
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Basic in Ice by .ID. ( .Insufferable Dastard. )
Shape :: Mine

Video :: Battle by Colbie Caillat

Cause this is a battle
and its your final last call
it was a trial, you made a mistake, we know
but why arent you sorry, why arent you sorry, why?
this can be better, you used to be happy, try!

Bad reputation.

A cheerleader probably wouldn’t wear such heavy shoes to practice, smack her gum or even wear a hat to practice but, screw that. I’m not a cheerleader, I’m here to break the fashion rules in sports- if there are any i.e-. Because, frankly it needs a little edge.


Hehe, hope you guys like this look. I was heavily inspired by these poses by Olive juice from the four corners event going on right now. I’d give you details but, I’ve been away for a while and sorta catching up… sucks to be out of the loop but, hang in there, I’ll put you on to some stuff soon. kay?!

In other news, check out these awesomely snug boots from Severed Garden!. I decided to include the original ad picture because, the shots I took today didn’t do those boots much justice. They come with different color options and a really cool hud menu.

*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Zuffy - BOOTS

Love you guys,

What I am wearing
Poses :: Bad reputation by Olive juice ( @ the four corners event)
Eyelashes :: 3D NoAlpha Lashes #8 by ^;^CaTwA^;^
Hair ( comes w/ hat ) :: PRISKAHAIR by {S.G}
Blush :: ~Orange Blusher~ in fresh by ROZENA
Skin :: Emma shape by (love) skin
Eyes :: Shine Eyes v2 in Light Brown by .ID.
Bubble gum :: Yum Bubblegum! by [PF] ( Pink Fuel ) ( see marketplace )
Skirt :: Cheerleader Skirt in Pink by *T.Whore*
Jacket :: Cheerleader Jacket in Pink by *T.Whore*
Boots :: Zuffy by {S.G}

Video :: Ortis ( ft. Otis Redding ) by JayZ & Kanye West

You are my cinema. ( 100TH POST! yyaayy)

Windlight settings :: Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day


Hello dear friends,
Yes!, I’m still here!. Guess who is in some new skin today?! Uh huh!, yours truly. So, ever since I saw Mae Liamano’s skin she’d been working on I began absentmindedly stalking her flickr -.- hey, sue me! but, seriously the skin looked gorgeous!. I am extremely picky when it comes to skins and always left wanting more but, after logging in today luckily in time for Mae’s skin release and trying that skin on I must admit, I’ve been in love with it ever since.

( the first snapshot I took of it, after tweaking and adding on some eyelashes. Bare based without any addons.)

And of course, I got bitten by the blogger bug again and viola here I am! strutting dat ass in this sexy skin!. Go try on a demo @ (love), you might just swoon too!.


Stretch by Apple Spice
BCA 2 by glitterati
Straight Forward and uncomplicated by Bent!

Thong:: My Sweetheart in Black PARADISIs
Shoes :: GOSHI Pumps Mstyle
Freckles :: Tatoo Layer *YS&YS*
Stole :: A Lil’ Foxy (Red Fox)  !Ohmai for Collabor88
eyelashes :: 3D NoAlpha Lashes #8 ^;^CaTwA^;^
Hair :: Soft in Blonde 01 by [e]
Piercing :: Chain Hang Nom Piercing by [ni.Ju]
Skin :: Emma in Medium w/ (lt eyebrows) by (love) skin
Eyes :: Shine Eyes v2 in Light Brown/Basic by .ID.
Shape :: Mine

Video :: Cinema ( Skrillex remix ) by Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go
I could watch you for a lifetime
You’re my favourite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me
I never know what’s comin’
Forever fascinated
Hope you don’t stop runnin’
To me ’cause I’ll always be waitin’

As winter came, winter stayed.

Windlight settings :: [TOR] DUSK – Patriotix by Torley Linden
Location :: The Milky Way ( CCS combat )

As winter came, winter stayed. ( pt. 2 )

The itch to blog has began again and so I am vaguely back to enlighten your visuals with some pictures and this look. I meant to blog sometime before halloween and I am sorry i am late on this one but, you’ll have to understand, time these days have been quite fleeting and I barely get enough time to take pictures and then in turn blog them ( I swear some posts take me at least 3 hours to complete.. Nooo, not kidding).

Anyway, so this -is- or perhaps was, my look for halloween. i hope you like it.

As winter came, winter stayed. (pt. 1 )

Also,before it slips my memory you must visit this sim. Amazing barely defines what my friend Ona has put into it. This is a brief snapshot I took after I was done with the pictures. If only pictures could say the words my eyes fail to tell! *sighs* (oh! and forgive my half-ass attempt at photoshop! 😀 I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a photoshop newb)


Now, go! go! gooo!
love always,

What I am wearing
Pose :: by Tram
Skin :: Calavera Female Skin (cleavage) by +Nuuna+
Eyes :: Creature of the Night in starlight by The Insufferable Dastard
Outfit :: Enchantress by Deviance ( Staff w/ Hold pose included )
Hooves :: Strapped In by Pera ( temporarily closed )
Hair ::Leviathan in Allure by Hairoin

Video :: Winter Stayed by Triple A
“…All the love I knew faded
As winter came, winter stayed
The promises spring taken
Buried under ice betrayed…”

“And our crescendo will burn the darkness clean..”

Windlight settings :: [TOR] SUNSET -Pinker

"And our crescendo will burn the darkness clean.." ( Pt. 2 )
It’s a beautiful thing when music inspires fashion. Such is the case with this look I sorta scrambled together. I thought I’d share it with you guys. I hope you like it.
"And our crescendo will burn the darkness clean.." ( Pt. 1 )

Also, I’ve spent the last few days walking around with this machine gun leg as seen in the movie Planet Terror directed by Robert Rodriguez. Here’s a picture of the character Cherry with them on!

I think it’s sexy!. Also, Halloween is around the corner, it could work as something to help build your character! 🙂

"And our crescendo will burn the darkness clean.." ( Pt. 3 )

Anyway, enjoy the look!

P.s. :: Check out this video I edited of My friend and I dancing in which, I have on that awesome leg!

What I am wearing
Poses :: All poses by BENT! by Catherine Fairport
Hair :: MILI in Light Sandy Blonde by [ 69 ] ( STORE CLOSING SALE )
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Eyes :: Light Sensitive in Ice by .ID.
Face makeup :: tattoo layer makeups v7 11 & Lipstripe by Nuuna’s
Teeth :: Pearly Whites by PIDIDDLE Cosmetics
Septum piercings :: Basic Piercings by Buried ( dollarbie, pack of piercings )
Fangs :: by [ni.Ju] ( Free )
Cheek Piercings :: in [Bead] by [twee.]
Arm tattoo :: by Nuuna’s ( IM Nuuna Nightly in world )
Finger Tapes w/ nails :: by Luck Inc ( dollarbie )
Gun Holster :: Mac-10 Holster by :::Brutal Weapons:::
Boots :: Ballet Boot by *KaS*
Collar :: My Sweethearth : Collar in Black ( part of bikini set ) by PARADISIS
Machine gun leg :: Cherry’s Leg ( poses included ) by Olive Juice
Pasties :: by Luck inc
Tutu outfit :: Sweet Nothings in Nude by ::TGIS::

Video :: ‪Burn the darkness‬ by ‪Omega Centauri‬
“When the time comes.
Our voice will join with yours.
And our crescendo will burn the darkness clean.”

Born to be wasted.

Windlight settings :: [TOR] FOGGY – Catastrophe by Torley Linden


So as you know, I usually title most of my posts with song titles or lyrics that I am either listening to at the time or inspired by. So, in this case, no, I don’t believe we were born to be wasted. But, I do however think there is nothing wrong with letting go and having a good time wasted or not.


That being said, depending on what having a good time means to you, you are most likely into looking good while you are at it. Hence these high platform shoes I’ve been admiring religiously on Kadin Spires’s flickr ( who is definitely one of the most gorgeous avatars I’ve seen.) each time she’d bless flickr with her gorgeous *coughs*boobs*coughs*.


Anyway, i just thought it would be an interesting thought, getting wasted with these on. Better, bring that sweet guy along with you, who would let you cling on to him as you stumbled around.


P.s : Notice the quality in these pictures? They were shot on Kristen’s viewer. A fellow resident shared a place to download the old viewers … knock yourself out ( sorry can’t remember the resident’s name 😦 ( Edit:: Her name is Nethy Nirvana!! yayyyyy, thank you Nethyyy <333) I crashed before our conversation was over, so dear Jane doe, if you are reading this, thank you so much) ( More updates :: Apparently, one of Nethy’s friends is working on the Kristen viewer! so there will potentially be a photo viewer sometime/day/month soon?. I am not sure about the details but, if you an interested in this keep an eye out! and I will do the same! )

What i was wearing;
Poses :: by Apple Spice.
Eyes:: Light Sensitive in Light Blue by .ID.
Eyelashes :: N15 by Miamai ( prim eyelashes)
Eyeliner :: Wings by .ID.
Breast Enhancer :: for Curio Sundust by Luck inc
Bracelets :: Dice Bracelet in (white) by [EY:NO]
Nails :: Longest Nails in WHITE by Mstyle
Necklace :: Folded Zeebra Shades by [bellballs]

Tail :: in Snow. by (pera)
Dress :: Miss Nothing Dress by *T.Whore*
Hair :: BLYTHE in Sweeden by [LeLutka]
Heels :: “Coty” HighHeels in White by Debrah’s
Prim teeth :: – Pearly Whites by PIDIDDLE Cosmetics

Video :: Born to be wasted by Sound system

You make my heart beat faster! – Mesh <3.

Windlight settings :: Bree’s appleblossom

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything. Back to school, you get the drift. Anyway, while i was away I missed out on the premier of MESH across the grid but, I’m sure you probably got enough coverage on it ( I still kept myself up-to-date via flickr and fashion feeds). I however was a little skeptical on some of the items released. Luckily you can demo your outfit or whatever before you purchase it which I think is a nice addition because, sometimes a picture can exaggerate the goodness of things.


Here, I managed to collect two of my ( so far ) favorite mesh items. This hair by /Wasabi Pills/ and these thigh high pumps by Slink. The pumps I have to admit are exceptional!. I’ve always been a fan of thigh high boots except in sl (before) your best bet was to walk or stand because, once you sat down the beauty of your boots were out the window.

Gosh, so exciting!. On that note, hope to see you guys soon, and as always,

P.s :: I heard about the discontinuation of Kristen’s viewer and my heart dropped. So far I have been trying to tackle with the picture taking capabilities of the firestorm viewer and I can’t say I am remotely impressed. I really miss Kristen’s viewer and I hope something turns up to help us ( photographers/bloggers ) with our picture taking needs. 😦



What I am wearing;
Poses :: all poses used by Kuso
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Pink by Slink – MESH
Hair :: Aria Mesh Hair – Rye by /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Shaded – Light Blue by .ID. ( insufferable dastard )
Skin :: Chic in Mode 2 by Curio skins( “main/staple” skin hasn’t changed yet 🙂 see side bar for more details)
Shape :: Mine ( see similar shapes )
Jewelry :: Milky Way in white by [MANDALA]
Cheeks piercings :: :Basic Piercings: by [-B-] ( buried ) dollarbie
Thong :: Delice Lingerie in Magenta by *T.Whore* ( the whore )

Oh! and before I forget check out this awesome dollarbie top released as a store opening gift by Anchored Apparel

What I have on in this picture;
Hair :: Fine-I in (dirty blonde) by [kik]
Top :: Layered Tanktops – PartyDrinkSleepParty by (AA) ( Anchored Apparel ) dollarbie

Video :: Faster by Matt Nathanson
“You’re so delicious, you’re so soft
Sweet on the tip of my tongue
You taste like sunlight
And strawberry bubble gum

You bite my lip, you spike my blood
You make my heart beat faster”