Will work for hair.

Pose :: Francesca Pose 03 by AUSHKA & CO
Windlight settings :: .AnaLu. studio5
A few hairstyles I’ve collected thus far. Some are fairly older than others but, I love them all the same and I’m pretty sure you guys haven’t seen any of them on this blog so I figured, why not share? Besides, I’m inventory sorting, finally! after weeks of piling things on and rummaging through folders. Btw, if you haven’t done your inventory sorting yet and don’t know where to start, check out Ohmai’s amazing tutorial on how she sorts her inventory! In the meantime enjoy these hairstyles!
Will work for hair. (pt. 1 )
Will work for hair. ( pt.2)

1. Bringiton ( MESH ) by /Wasabi Pills/
2. Kristina ( MESH ) by *Alice Project* by Alice Demonia ( at March Mesh Madness event )
3. Alexis by >TRUTH<
4. Shine by [e] ( elikatira )
5. Ginger by /Wasabi Pills/
6. Lykie ( MESH ) by >TRUTH<
7. Listen ( MESH ) by [e] ( elikatira )

What I was wearing
Top :: Ellery Top in (White) by Kyoot
No eyebrows :: Brows-B-Gone by Miss Shippe’s Studio
Body paint :: Fire Body Paint [FULL] by [Handverk]
Eyeliner :: Puss Liner – 01by !nona. by Vivica Bernitz
Freckles:: 3 Add Tatoo Layer by *YS&YS* ( included in skin packs )
Lipstick :: Lipstick in Pink by [DDL] ( dulcet de leche )
Eyelashes :: WingLashes by HouseofFox by Fashion Landar
Cheek piercings :: Cheeky Piercing [Bead] – B by [twee.]
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory ( no longer available )
Eyes :: iClarion in Black by .sP. by naomi afterthought


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