Hot flesh that you yearn to grab.

Windlight settings :: StrawberrySinghDotComOriginal
Poses :: by Shopo.O by Yoon Seomun

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 1 )

This is obviously not one of those sex education blogs but, if you find all this content provocative I think -in my personal opinion of course- you need to get over it!.

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 2 )

Hello prudes, welcome to the Jumphearts academy. Remember the last time we met? Back in 2011, when I taught you guys what to wear when trying to break some poor guy’s neck?. Well, we’re back at it again. And today, you’ll be learning how to clean your man’s man-cave efficiently. Garters and an apron are a must! ( a duster, however, is actually optional ).

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 3 )

If all this doesn’t quite do the job, ask him to help you inspect your progress closely , you just might be missing a crucial step!.
Happy cleaning my students! Until next time.


What I am wearing;
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory Skin ( no longer available )
Dimples :: by L.Fauna
Eyeliner :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Lipgloss :: Elly Juicy Gloss w/ Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by [PF] (Pink fuel ) comes with Pf’s skin
Shape :: Mine
Eyes :: Light Sensitive in Light Blue by .ID.
Hair :: Kristina in Blonde by *Alice Project* ( March Mesh Madness )
Eyelashes :: _NoAlpha Lashes by Miamai
Leg tattoo :: Bow Legging Tattoo: Pink by [GLUE INK]
Bubble gum :: Yum Bubblegum! by [PF] (pink fuel)
Garters :: Thermal Stockings in White by *League*
Finger tape :: Taped Fist by SiniStyle
Dress :: Purdy in buried by [fame.less] by Veit Resident
Maid headress :: Heddress by PB >> ( free )
Nails :: Longest Nails in BLACK by Mstyle
Necklace :: Deer Necklace in Black by MStyle
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots in Black by Slink ( MESH )

Video :: Last chance by Maroon5
“But for everything that I lack
I provide something you almost had
Hot flesh that you yearn that grab”


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