Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug )

Windlight settings :: StrawberrySinghDotComEmerald
Pose used :: action 004 by Apple Spice
Location :: Innsmouth, a dark New England Coastal Town.

Snapshot lines got you down? Elysium Eilde on youtube has the perfect fix for that! This might be old news to some of you pros out there but, since I’ve just recently heard of it excuse my exaggerated enthusiasm! But, for those of us who are familiar with those annoying lines and have been hunting for a solution, fear no more mi comprades! That solution has arrived! You will need;

( Step 1 ). Photoshop CS5 and older ( If you have an older version of CS that’s fine too, you’ll just need to take different steps which Elysium addresses towards the end of the video.)

( Step 2 ). Watch this video, “Second Life Snapshots – Those Pesky Lines! “ by Elysium Eilde. And, viola! Problem solved. :

Here’s a before and after of the results I got after following the instructions she’d given in the video. Practically seamless!.
Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug ) Pt. 1


Anyway, on to the look of today.It’s pretty much a combination of things I have worn in the past, mixed in with a few items I picked up from my last shopping trip. Also, I have treated the coloring in photoshop a little. So if you’re looking to play around with your snapshot’s coloring try some photoshop actions you can find on deviant art. You’ll need to install them into your version of photoshop so, here’s a mini tutorial I found via google to help you with that.
Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug ) Pt. 2

Good luck!,

What I am wearing;
Skin :: – Paige in Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory Skin ( no longer available )
Lip gloss :: Elly Juicy Gloss w/ Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by [PF] (pink fuel )
Eyeliner :: by .Pekka. designed by Ginevra Rodex
Nosebleed :: long right by *Stiky Kiss designed by Substrom Daysleeper ( may no longer be available)
Eyes :: Light Sensitive in Bloodshot in Light Blue by .ID. (insufferable dastard)
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Shape :: Mine ( see similar shapes )
Bloody Knee :: by *Stiky Kiss designed by Substrom Daysleeper ( may no longer be available )
Hair :: Bring it On! in Babydoll by ::Exile:: ( MESH )
Thorn crown :: Gratia plena by ~.:.Hysteria.:.~
Gloves :: Dana in Jet by LaGyo
Nails :: Longest Nails in BLACK by Mstyle
Tattoo1 :: Arm rings by Nuuna Skins designed by Nuuna Nitely
Tattoo2 :: Neo2, faded version by Garden of Ku
Posture Collar :: by [AiTech] @ opencollar temple ( free and scripted )
Harness :: by [H]arsh ( MESH )
Top :: Corset Top in Fishnet by FuK’N’HawT
Shorts :: Ripped Tiny Shorts in Black by FuK’N’HawT
Gun Leg w/ wrapped stump :: Cherry by Olive Juice ( may be closed(?) )
Leg Holster :: Desert_Eagle by :::Brutal Weapons:::
Heels :: “Coty” HighHeels in Black by Debrah’s


2 thoughts on “Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug )

  1. Ugh, the lines made me just not take pictures in hi-res, but I decided to give this a try and it worked to. The Gridlines are a bug that span all viewers (in case you didn’t know that already) and there is a bug fix for it.

    I use Firestorm, but I’m sure it’s the same for all viewers.

    Firestorm > Advances > Debug Settings > GridOpacity

    The grid opacity is set to default at .7. Change it to 0. That fixed up the grid issue for me for the most part.

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