New year renovations and a shape!.

Windlight settings :: Place Astryls wild

So, I spontaneously decided to tweak up my mini shop, Jumphearts, for the new year. As far as I can remember the last time I had done any major renovation was at least 8 months ago? So, I got tired of staring at the same old stuff and decided to get to work. Oh my goodness! almost a hundred hours later and some suggestions from Daphne and Tobias over at [HANDverk] I came up with this; taaadddaaaaa!. What do you think? yay? or nay? here’s a TAXI if you wanna check it out!.

New year renovations and a shape!. ( ~ build ~ )

Yes, the image was treated in photoshop with this free background I found!

I found this gorgeous house at marketplace by Kessi Andretti creator behind Sweet Harmony. My parcel is on the low prim side so I had to compromise a lot and ended up modifying the house down to about 20 prims. Overall, I was going for simple look and I’m happy with the results. Besides, I go googoogahgah for shabby chic or vintage houses anyday!. Oh! While on the subject of houses check out these from Willow’s. I am not familiar with her designs but, ran across them after I had purchased my house from Sweet harmony already. Anyway, If you’re looking for extremely cheap ( I mean as low as 10L ),cute and low prim shabby chic houses Willow’s seems very promising!.

Anyway, here’s a shot of me grinning my head off after I had finished EVERYTHING!. Although there are still a few things I’d like to change I am pretty content with how it’s turned out.

New year renovations and a shape!. ~ ( tired but, smiling! )

Also, I finally went ahead and got one of PINKFUEL’s Elly skins. I had been obsessing over her lipgloss collection which you can’t buy individually! 😦 … I went ahead and invested in one of her skins. Surprisingly enough –or not– I fell in love with the skin and decided to whip up a shape!. So, here’s to shape 003! dedicated to Pinkfuel!. I hope you like it \o/ .

New year renovations and a shape!.

In the meantime enjoy the first month of 2012 and I’ll see you soon!

P.s. :: each shape contains a style card of what I’m wearing.


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