Power Kid ( Feat. Kid Cocaine ).

Location :: Virtual Decay


WE NEED MORE MALE BLOGGERS IN SL!!.Annnddd, end rant. It’s been ages since I’ve done a blogger collarboration and since I enjoyed the last one I decided it was time for another!.

I think I can count the number of male bloggers there are in sl-who are actually male-on two hands. Of course, who can really blame them? Half of the merchandise in sl is geared towards females, except for, maybe that once a year make him over hunt there is barely anything out there for them. Which kinda sucks because, there are some men who actually put an effort into their looks and then, there are those who go the extra mile and blog about those looks. Hence, we just have to show our appreciation.

I got to meet up with Lorenzo Mixemup,blogger and owner of the blog Kid cocaine the other day! We got dressed, found a spot and took some shots!. Ohh that rhymed!. Anyway, I just have to THANK the kid because, for some reason my pc decided to bitch out ( Ha! no pun intended) and I literally crashed over 4 times before getting a snapshot in so, he ended up having to take most of the shot and during the entire time he was so patient and understanding. And in some ways I think that’s what blogging really takes. Patience.

Anyway, check out our swagu ( heheh, he says that on his flickr ). Kid Cocaine and Jumphearts. Aren’t we just the sexiest?! Check out The Kid’s blog for more men’s fashion!


As always,

What KidCocaine wore;
Shorts :: Mantae short pants Denim in (gray) by [ NERD.P ]
Boots :: [Docs] boot by Gos
Jacket :: Rising sun jacket in green by Poison
Shirt :: Baggy Shirt in red by [NSD]
Baseball bat :: Beat’em up! Bat by Cobrahive
Mask :: Kao Mask by Cobrahive
Hair :: Sofian in DBrown 05 [BURLEY]
Eyes :: Eyes in Sea by .:Hermony:.

What I wore;
Poses :: by Kuso
Dress :: The Awesome Lace Dress in Blue by -(BR)- ( Bad Romance)
Leg tattoo :: Bow Legging Tattoo by [GLUE INK]
Fist tape :: Taped Fist by SiniStyle
Jacket :: Studded Biker Jacket by ::BB:: ( Beetlebones) [MESH] ( Found @ the four corners event )
Eyeliner :: Wings (eyeshadow) by .ID. (.Insufferable Dastard )
Light Sensitive/Bloodshot – Light Blue by .ID.(.Insufferable Dastard )
Baseball bat :: Beat’em up! Bat by Cobrahive
Teeth :: Teeth by DeeTaleZ
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black by Slink [MESH]
Hair :: JOLIE extensions – Sweeden by [LeLutka]
Skin :: Ebba – [Fair] – 01 by LAQ

Video :: Headlines by Drake
I might be too strung out on compliments
Overdose on confidence
Started not to give a fuck
and stopped fearing the consequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments
Faded way too long I’m floating in and out of consciousness


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