You used to be happy, try!

Windlight settings :: [TOR] SUNSET – Pink sink

Hello, dear friends,


If I could go on a rant about the things that annoy me in the secondlife design community I could go on and on about how much copybotting, lack of originality and lack of respect keeps gnawing away at the essence and integrity of our fashion community.

We all have a part to play in making all this fun, imagine what it would be like if we all cooperated with each other? Drop the copy botting, search harder for original ideas… just imagine.

You’re probably wondering where all this has stemmed from. Well, part of it has to do with this skin from (love) which I blogged about a few days ago HERE. As you’ll notice, the item is no longer available at Mae Liamano’s store. I was curious as to what had happened to it and why it was no longer available. It turns out that the seller of the templates which Mae had purchased was later banned for selling copybotted templates causing a series of domino effects, Mae’s skin being one of the victims. Imagine how disheartening this was to me, especially since I had literally spent months searching for a skin I liked with no luck. And as I finally find one it turns out to be too good to be true.*shrugs* Will I stop wearing this skin though? No, at least not until I find another skin to replace this one because, though it’s background is unfortunately shady, that doesn’t take anything away from the work, time and effort Mae put into the skin and of course I refuse to waste the L I spent on it. So there, judge me if you like but, at least I’d be judged in a pretty skin 🙂

Another sad situation, is this unfortunate incident going on, on flickr concerning a blogger, a designer and copybotting ( please take the time to read this if you are a designer ).

(click the image to see the thread.)

I do hope that in time things will slowly change, I believe sl has so much potential. Anyway, enough with the sob stories. Here’s my look for the day;


and as always,

What I am wearing;
Pose :: Francesca pose 06 AUSHKA $ CO
Lace Blouse :: Claven Lace Blouse in ANTIQUE by [W&B] (Whippet & Buck)
Skirt :: Nomad Skirt in Vintage Floral by *League*
Fringe Top :: Fringe top in pure by Izzie’s
Cardigan :: Indian cardigan Jacket by [ 2byte ]
Gloves :: Leather Gloves in *cocoa* by (5th&Oxford)
Makeup :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Freckles :: Freckles Tatoo Layer ( came with skin pack) by *YS&YS* (Your skin & your shape )
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes in N15 by Miamai
Necklace :: Wanderer in -Oak- Necklace -4 Discs by *League*
Scarf :: FRINGE SCARF in leafy by MIEL
Hair :: Soft in Blonde 01 by [e] (elikatira)
Skin :: Emma Medium (lt eyebrows) by (love) skin ( no longer available )
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Basic in Ice by .ID. ( .Insufferable Dastard. )
Shape :: Mine

Video :: Battle by Colbie Caillat

Cause this is a battle
and its your final last call
it was a trial, you made a mistake, we know
but why arent you sorry, why arent you sorry, why?
this can be better, you used to be happy, try!


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