You make my heart beat faster! – Mesh <3.

Windlight settings :: Bree’s appleblossom

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything. Back to school, you get the drift. Anyway, while i was away I missed out on the premier of MESH across the grid but, I’m sure you probably got enough coverage on it ( I still kept myself up-to-date via flickr and fashion feeds). I however was a little skeptical on some of the items released. Luckily you can demo your outfit or whatever before you purchase it which I think is a nice addition because, sometimes a picture can exaggerate the goodness of things.


Here, I managed to collect two of my ( so far ) favorite mesh items. This hair by /Wasabi Pills/ and these thigh high pumps by Slink. The pumps I have to admit are exceptional!. I’ve always been a fan of thigh high boots except in sl (before) your best bet was to walk or stand because, once you sat down the beauty of your boots were out the window.

Gosh, so exciting!. On that note, hope to see you guys soon, and as always,

P.s :: I heard about the discontinuation of Kristen’s viewer and my heart dropped. So far I have been trying to tackle with the picture taking capabilities of the firestorm viewer and I can’t say I am remotely impressed. I really miss Kristen’s viewer and I hope something turns up to help us ( photographers/bloggers ) with our picture taking needs. 😦



What I am wearing;
Poses :: all poses used by Kuso
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Pink by Slink – MESH
Hair :: Aria Mesh Hair – Rye by /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Shaded – Light Blue by .ID. ( insufferable dastard )
Skin :: Chic in Mode 2 by Curio skins( “main/staple” skin hasn’t changed yet 🙂 see side bar for more details)
Shape :: Mine ( see similar shapes )
Jewelry :: Milky Way in white by [MANDALA]
Cheeks piercings :: :Basic Piercings: by [-B-] ( buried ) dollarbie
Thong :: Delice Lingerie in Magenta by *T.Whore* ( the whore )

Oh! and before I forget check out this awesome dollarbie top released as a store opening gift by Anchored Apparel

What I have on in this picture;
Hair :: Fine-I in (dirty blonde) by [kik]
Top :: Layered Tanktops – PartyDrinkSleepParty by (AA) ( Anchored Apparel ) dollarbie

Video :: Faster by Matt Nathanson
“You’re so delicious, you’re so soft
Sweet on the tip of my tongue
You taste like sunlight
And strawberry bubble gum

You bite my lip, you spike my blood
You make my heart beat faster”


3 thoughts on “You make my heart beat faster! – Mesh <3.

  1. hey i was wondering what viewer u use to view that wonder mesh objects. thanks so much. plus i have linux and its quite a task finding a good viewer.

    • Oh wow you’re right… linux sounds like a task to begin with. But in this post I was using the firestorm mesh beta viewer.
      I wanted to add a link to this post just so people can download it as well if they wanna use mesh but, when i went back to the website I couldn’t find the link.

      You can always use secondlife’s latest viewer. I think it’s viewer 3? It definitely works with mesh and I am guessing there will be a linux version. Let me know if you’ve had any success 🙂

      Good luck 🙂

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