Little miss sunshine.

Location :: Alice: Madness returns
Windlight settings :: ElysiumEilde _ Pinkpurplesunrise.


Hi there, so I had a really long conversation with someone today about living life to the fullest extent, traveling and experiencing nature for what it truly is.


I think flowers are probably the second most beautiful thing out there in nature aside from my cat mittens but, that’s another story. While this is true this certain someone helped me understand that there’s beauty in the little things too, in his own little way.


It sorta brought to mind Little Miss Sunshine the movie, if you haven’t seen it, you should. Just do it.
Anyway, I hope you like my look of the day.

What I was wearing;
Pose :: RibbonN56
Eyes :: ocean in sea weed by poetic colors
Hair :: Khloe in Blonde Honey by [Raspberry]
Mouth sunflower :: Sunflower Subscribe Gift by [EY:NO]
Left flower :: Leilani Flowers in Pink by >TRUTH<
Right flower :: Flower Accessory 100708 in White by Gumi’s flower shop
Top flowers :: Flower Accessory 100915 in CreamYellow by Gumi’s flower shop
Blush :: Rosy Blush 1 by cheLLe
Lips :: ~dolly lip~ in juicy orange by ROZENA
Freckle & Beauty Marks Set :: too much (for dark skin) by ROZENA
Necklace :: OLEN by KOSH
Balloon :: Heart in orange/red (with hand hold animation ) by Miasnow (Gatcha)
Glasses :: No lences reybey in (white) by [ glow ] studio
Jacket :: my short jacket by C’est moi!
Fur stole :: fur tipet 2 in [wheat] w/ (random fur) by tram
Top :: viggo v-neck in salmon by NANUK
Belt :: Giraffe Statement Belt by -La BlaQ-
Shorts :: – Summer Hibi shorts – in Pink by The Secret Store
Socks :: Duotone Socks Mit Suspenders in Sherbet by Pig ( Starlust Egg Hunt )
Bunny slippers :: Pink Bunny slipper by Suru Stormcrow ( free on marketplace )


2 thoughts on “Little miss sunshine.

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