Finally a shape!.


I visited the dressing room yesterday and noticed the lien skin by atomic set out for sale in the buff skintone and my heart leaped!. Her skins are awesome!. So I decided to make a shape for that skin and set it out here. The shape is quite similar to my main shape except for minor tweaks here and there.

I have included a styling card with a clear description of what I was wearing including landmarks to each location. I also made various options such as; an option for lipsticks ( if you are big on wearing lipstick layers ), an option for ears ( if you wear prim ears ), another option for skirts ( If you wear sl’s default skirt layers ). While these options are not modifiable I have however included a modifiable shape in there for those who prefer to customize their own stuff. And remember, remember, always make a copy before you alter your new shape!.


I hope you like it. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Tp to jumpheart’s blog store!.


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