Fun and Fashion, Look #2

Windlight setting :: StrawberrySinghDotComTopaz
Post synopsis :: Here

I’ve always said how much I love makeup so when I tried on Miss Shippe’s Frida brows I completely loved them. Nothing alters the skin you have on by the makeup options which Linden labs introduced to the grid. How exciting!

Fun and Fashion, Look #2

What I have on;
Poses :: Just free styling my animation overrider from Kuso
Hair :: BREEZE in Sweeden by [LeLutka]( gift )
Boots :: boho boots in dirt by (TokiD)
Earrings :: Vani by NHA! ( July Group gift )
Cheek piercings :: :Basic Piercings: by [-B-] ( Buried ) – dollarbie
Dress :: Drape tunic in (white) by Tram ( these are sculpted so if you have no undies on your ass pokes through 😦
Makeup :: Frida Brows w/Lady Tache by Miss Shippe’s Studio
Lips :: ~dolly lip~ in hot pink w/(teeth) by ROZENA
Tattoo ::Neo3 by Garden of Ku Tattoos


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