The “SVP” Project by Phillip Sidek.

The "SVP" Project by Phillip Sidek

Phillip Sidek is one of secondlife’s well known photographers. A talented and brilliant old man!. If you’ve been in one of his numerous projects or had the pleasure of going through his stream on flickr ( click here to see ) you’ll understand what I mean.

So, when I discovered he was at it again and this time with secondlife’s latest obsession, shaaadddooowwws! I was eager to get in on the action. I contacted him in world and well, he made a video of my avatar!. Imagine my excitement when he uploaded it!!.

( And yes, yes, that happens to be my LOTD (look of the day) from yesterday. )

Okay, so here’s how it worked (believe me, it was practically painless). You send him an IM and if he is available at the time he’ll invite you over and you simply let your ao ( animation overrider) run or do whatever you want then, viola within 2 minutes you’re done!. Later on he edits your video, picks out a song for you and uploads it to his flickr and viola! There you are, hanging out with Mr. Sidek on his infamous platform.

Here’s the song he picked out for me; Two Weeks‬ by ‪Grizzly Bear ( I told him I was from Jersey when we spoke, hence the song, they are a well known band from NYC );

How fascinating!.

If you are interested in participating in Mr. Sidek’s SVP project, shoot him an IM in-world under; Phillip Sidek. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “The “SVP” Project by Phillip Sidek.

    • lol…
      Nothing happened in my video because, I didn’t do anything. Isn’t it interesting? You were expecting something to happen. Just out of curiosity, what did you expect to see?

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