Where’d You go?.

Windlight setting :: [TOR] SCIFI – Bridge opera1 by Torley Linden
Location :: Pandemonium 


Have you ever felt like you spend much of your time waiting on someone. Waiting for them to make up their minds, waiting for them come back, waiting for them to stop being so blind? What do you end up looking like when you’re all lucked out on time ? Dried out may be a good word.


Another emo post. I know, I know. I was inspired by this skin designed by Nunna Nightely available for 1L on Marketplace. Enjoy the pictures.


What I am wearing;
Pose :: Balloon poses by Frozen Panty ( free )
Eyes :: Eyes in Red by May Shop ( free )
Necklace :: NEBULA NECKLACE ( unisex ) by KOSH
Blush :: Rosy Blush by cheLLe
Tiara :: Lulu Tiara in Pink Diamond by [Fairy Tail]
Outfit :: Black Mistress by -Glam Affair-
Garters :: Belinda set by {Luxuria}
Pasties :: by luck inc
Hair :: AKANE in BLACK by ((JUNWAVE))
Skin :: The Creep Skin by +Nuuna+ ( 1L on marketplace)
Shoes :: Activa Ankles Boots in Back by [NeurolaB Inc.]

Video :: Where’d you go by Fort Minor

She said, some days I feel like sh**
Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit
I don’t understand why you have to always be gone


4 thoughts on “Where’d You go?.

      • Hehe. I’ll have to check it all out! I feel like there are so many brands and designers to learn about in SL. I’ve been around since early March of this year. It’s been really exciting so far.

        Thanks for the compliment on my name and for the visit to my blog! I really like your blog. You put effort into it and I respect that. I’ll be back to read more 🙂

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