The RandoMuseum Project.


Perhaps you’ve visited a museum once, or hundreds of times in your lifetime, in my opinion, the most frustrating part about going to a museum is being lost and absolutely clueless- and I mean the ” where is what I came to see and how do I get to it?– kind of clueless” . Those were my thoughts exactly when I visited the RandoMuseum. There were all these pictures and a tones of people around but, half were as clueless as me.

Because, I think this project is worth a shot and because, I think it is such a great way to discover some amazing shops, and particularly because I figured the museum out, I’m gonna share it with you guys and give you a few instructions, perhaps a guide? to carry along the way with you. Don’t get lost!

The project randomuseum appears to be a massive gatcha event. There is a website here; for the event with a little description on how it works. ( although, I am not sure what “Randomuseum” truly signifies ).


You will want to start off at the museum. Run up to the item you want ( the items in the picture above are the items which you will win if you pay the gatch in picture below, the picture below which will be from the same designer would be the gatch item you will receive. Believe me, this was the part that got me lost. It may take a little while to catch on to so be patient. In those gatchas you may or may not receive two types of cards;

1. The randomuseum normal card; This card will give you access to the one item you truly want, click the picture above the gatch item to get a LM to the store.

2. The randomuseum Multi card; Is the more exclusive kind of card, having this card will give you access to ANY CREATOR’S VENDOR PRIZE ITEM at their store ( you get only one item per multi card). Of course that means you’ll need to be VERY LUCKY.

Here’s what I nabbed at the museum, this plush Tiny Monster. I literally spent much of my time running around with it “rawring” and asking people to ” pickenupa?” ( that means pick up lol) TONES of fun. It’s eyes blink and when you run around there’s some green fairy myst that comes out of it’s horns. Its has an option to sleep, and it’s tail even wages and fluffs around. Oh and his ears twitch!. Adorable! Enjoy the pictures and Have fun!,

Project RandoMuseum Gatch prize.


Oh, and while the notecard says you can use viewer 2.0 I got this weird bug on the avatar and it never seemed to rez right. if anyone knows what this is about let me know. Thank you.



TP to the RandoMuseum to join in on the fun.
COYURA CREATION MAIN SHOP, for other versions of this little Monster
Visit Tiny Avatars OR Tiny LAB to see other types of tiny avatars.

Video :: Rufus Wainwright – Across The Universe

Sounds of laughter, shades of earth are ringing
Through my open ears inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love which shines around me like a
million suns and calls me on and on
Across the universe
Jai guru deva om
Nothing’s gonna change my world


7 thoughts on “The RandoMuseum Project.

  1. Hey there, Your link leaves you at the ground rather than 3013 meters :D. Thanks for the post. Not sure that I understand but exploring. Exploring is good 😀

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    • Shuuuuu! lol ❤
      It's the cutest avatar I've seen/own.. kind goes hand in hand with your meeroos no?. Although, I think meeroos are possibly cuter. lol

  3. Hi Mia
    Thanks so much for these instructions – could you please confirm that you can buy from the gacha x number of times and STILL not receive a card?
    Agade Lefavre

    • Hey Agade,
      Well unfortunately the thing about playing gacha is; you never know when you’re gonna get the right item. I think I spent a good 400L +.. that is 80L per item before I got my little monster. I had literally given up and went back one last time to give it one last shot and VIOLA out of nowhere I got the ticket. I really think if you are maxed out and you know for sure that you’ve played a little over your limit you should give it a rest. The only reason why I went back one last time was because I had initially been to the store (because, I couldn’t figure out the whole museum thing ) and thought it would be easier if I just bought the item at the store .. only problem was, that particular monster isnt out on sale and the one I liked the most ( the unicorn monster ) cost 1,000L ..lololo… I am really sorry you are having a hardtime with this one but, gacha is like betting/gambling I guess, bet wisely.
      I hope that helped?

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