DOF mini-tutorial. Mia’s way.

Before beginning this I’d like to give you a fair warning. I am a complete noob when it comes secondlife viewers and their technical abilities. But, I have however picked up a few significant tips along the way. Much is due to occasionally browsing through the Kristen Viewer forum, asking questions and watching tutorials. Also, please note; NEVER DOWNLOAD THE KRISTEN VIEWER FROM ANYWHERE ELSE BUT KRISTEN’S WEBSITE.

In my last look of the day, here  I decided to share a few pointers from my own Kristen Client. While using these features may or may not give you the look you want, it is important to remember that playing and fidgeting around with your settings is OK. If you mess up simply uninstall your Kristen viewer, clear cache and download a new one, then start over!.

In this mini tutorial I will address DOF ( also known as Depth of Field ). There are tones of tutorials out there about this so feel free to use google if you get stuck along the way or my explanation is not enough. Also, watch tutorial videos!; here are some. ( expand to see better ).

                                                                                      ( see the rest on youtube  )

I took a snapshot of my client’s interface for my last post then labeled it accordingly in photoshop.

DOFexample mini-tutorial.                                 (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE IMAGE LARGER )( size is 1368 x 666)

You should start off your settings at medium depending on how much you trust your computer. Much of the necessities has already been pointed out in this video by Vivian B. ( see videos above ). If any of those settings make you crash at first try excluding them and going on to the next requirement to see if you can get around the problem.

When you get to the misc tab. Three important features come into play;
1. Toggling DOF effect ( you must have this option on if you want it to work).

2. You camera focal length mm ( if this is at 0 and aspect ration is higher all you’ll see is blur and more blur, so feel free to drag it back and forth but almost never leave it at zero)

3. Camera Aspect ration ( I find this combined with #2 makes a huge difference in how jagged or blurry my edges would turn out. You have play with this one mostly. )

4. Finally focusing your “camera” by holding down alt then clicking on a particular area you want your camera to focus on. You’ll notice that other areas turn out blurry compared to the area you focus your camera on.

I hope all this helps you out. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll try doing more posts about random things in secondlife that many know or probably don’t know. Either way it will help me remember and  help whoever is interested in knowing.

Thank you,

P.s :: See also THIS and THIS.


5 thoughts on “DOF mini-tutorial. Mia’s way.

  1. Hai Mia,

    These tutorials are a great help for people like me, who aren’t that skilled yet, many thanx for putting these up here.
    I also wanted to ask if you have some tips or maybe links on how to put several images in a mosaic kind of way, like you do it. What kind of programme u use for this type of editing?
    For example; a bigger image and next to it vertical pics, smaller… (i saw it in your last pics at Fabulous free)

    Hope you can enlighten me a bit :-))


    • Heyah Tiki,
      Sure why not, I’m glad these things are helping someone lol. And as far as the picture mosaic go I use photoshop cs5 ( there are ways to get it for free, I will not address that here due to copyright issues so just send me a flickrMail please). I think many people know how to do this one already so making a tutorial about it might be redundant but anyway, here is another option
      If you don’t have photoshop there are programs that can help;

      • Hey Mia,
        Thank you for your energy and effort to reply my question!
        It took me a while to write this, but it is most appreciated
        Unfortunately i’m not able to run Kirsten’s Viewer on my Laptop due to an inadequate graphic card, so…i have to make the best of what i got. ]-)
        Now i’m editing my pics via Gimp and that does the job pretty good!! i’m enjoying it.
        I really enjoy your creative works on Flickr and your blog; it’s the creativity (and patience)that makes a good image; and not a graphic card or fast Pc, altough that helps a lot afcorse! You have a nose for the “unseen” and details, and please keep creating!

        Tiki Bosatsu

      • Awww thank you so much Tiki, your comment just made my day 😀 It’s a great thing knowing someone out there appreciates all this even though I am doing it for fun and so on. And yes, you are right, having a great computer and awesome graphics has nothing to do with being able to put items together to style your look. Just go for a certain style of presenting your pictures and in time you’ll get a good handle of things. I have considered doing a mini tutorial on how I crop my pictures using CS5 though, I am not sure how many people will appreciate it, I just hope it gives people a little boost. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and reading, again, I really appreciate the support a lot.
        ❤ Mia

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