Spring-time SHOWGIRL

If you’re like me and you watch youtube makeup tutorials then you’re probably a makeup addict who tends to spend time creating various “looks”. After having an extremely busy day yesterday, I logged into to sl and succumed myself to the usual drawl of boredom. It was around this time that I thought… HA! why not make a makeup tutorial? You guys are probably “LOLing” right now but, seriously if you haven’t already, get on viewer 2 right now and pile on the cake! (cakeface would be a term used for women who wear tones of makeup). Isn’t that fabulous? you get to apply makeup on jumphearts AND learn new words!. Well let’s begin shall we?.I’ll call this look the ” Spring-time SHOW girl! “.

This, is the look we are going for. A heavy spring-time look, hence the colorful greenish yellowish layer. I am assuming you’re probably a makeup artist working at a MAC cosmetics counter? Or perhaps a show girl working on broadway? Use your imagination people!!.


Step 1: You wanna start off with a clean base skin. Fresh faced, minimal makeup. I have on Curio’s Lustre-Patina skin in Sundust light. Also, choose an appealing hairstyle, perhaps Magika’s latest release? Called “Porcelain”.
Step 2: Start off by filling in your brows. I am using the brow base included in Curio’s skin pack. Which also has a brown version. I prefer thick arched brows.


Step 3: Apply your eyeshadow color, I am going for a spring inspired look as I mentioned before. So, I applied this Papagaai themed eyeshadow from MEEs‘s latest release.
Step 4: Here comes the slow transformation. Where I applied some black eyeliner. These are by Cheap Makeup and called the gutter liner.


Step 5: At this point a nice blush would be essential to comeplete that heavy caked on look we are obviously going for… I mean, really, there might be cameras there (where ever you are going) and we don’t wanna appear too… hmm…boring. I am using cheLLe‘s Rosy Blush in #3.
Step 6: In this step I apply one of my most significant signature add on. EYELASHES, there are not like any other type of eyelash, they are the non-alpha kinds, so you can imagine the significant difference. These ones are #8 created by ^;^CaTwA^;^ At this point, you wanna go ahead and apply your lipgloss as a heavy lip might throw us into overdrive hooker mode. I am wearing Cheap Makeup’s Miss Priss Lipgloss. It’s a one size fits all!.


And, VIOLA!, add on your favorite piercings, and body modifications and you’re all set.Fabbbbbbuuuuulllooouusss!

At this point I would like to thank all the designers who created the wonderful bases all leading up to this look. I would also like to thank my suscribers, followers and commenters. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve reached 3000 hits. To most bloggers who have been around a long time this number is a mere wave-a-side. But, to me, it means a lot. I am no longer “blogging to myself” but, to each and everyone of you out there. You have made bringing each “look”, an enjoyable fiasco, despite the trails and tribulations which revolve around blogging, sl and taking pictures!. I love you all as words fail to express my gratitude.


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