Different DNA

Hi there!. So, I was browsing flickr and found this awesome new project, I think it’s a fun thing anyone should participate in!. Berry of Strawberrysingh.com started this whole thing of ” what’s your digits?”. You can join the flickr group to add yours!. I thought it was an awesome idea and decided to blog about mine. I am obsessed with big boobies and yes when I was a newb I was one of those ruthies who had massive over 9000 tones of boobies. Go ahead and laugh all you want but, I love my tatas, in and out of sl!.


Oh and meet my friend Skut Keats, you’ve probably read one of his guest blog features ,here. Well, here’s what he was wearing;
Shape :: By Shapeshiftters
Hair :: Reign by Maitreya
Boots :: Boston Boots in Sand Reek
Pants and Top :: by RONSEM

Here’s what I was wearing.
Hair ::Mariposa in light blondes by Truth
Skin ::Sundust in Lustre by Curio
Shape ::Mine
Top :: Flower Skirt by Severed Garden
Bottom :: Flower Skirt by Severed Garden
Feet ::Jolie Pied Feet by SLink

"They say be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you"

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