Hot flesh that you yearn to grab.

Windlight settings :: StrawberrySinghDotComOriginal
Poses :: by Shopo.O by Yoon Seomun

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 1 )

This is obviously not one of those sex education blogs but, if you find all this content provocative I think -in my personal opinion of course- you need to get over it!.

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 2 )

Hello prudes, welcome to the Jumphearts academy. Remember the last time we met? Back in 2011, when I taught you guys what to wear when trying to break some poor guy’s neck?. Well, we’re back at it again. And today, you’ll be learning how to clean your man’s man-cave efficiently. Garters and an apron are a must! ( a duster, however, is actually optional ).

Hot flesh that you yearn to grab. ( pt. 3 )

If all this doesn’t quite do the job, ask him to help you inspect your progress closely , you just might be missing a crucial step!.
Happy cleaning my students! Until next time.


What I am wearing;
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory Skin ( no longer available )
Dimples :: by L.Fauna
Eyeliner :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Lipgloss :: Elly Juicy Gloss w/ Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by [PF] (Pink fuel ) comes with Pf’s skin
Shape :: Mine
Eyes :: Light Sensitive in Light Blue by .ID.
Hair :: Kristina in Blonde by *Alice Project* ( March Mesh Madness )
Eyelashes :: _NoAlpha Lashes by Miamai
Leg tattoo :: Bow Legging Tattoo: Pink by [GLUE INK]
Bubble gum :: Yum Bubblegum! by [PF] (pink fuel)
Garters :: Thermal Stockings in White by *League*
Finger tape :: Taped Fist by SiniStyle
Dress :: Purdy in buried by [fame.less] by Veit Resident
Maid headress :: Heddress by PB >> ( free )
Nails :: Longest Nails in BLACK by Mstyle
Necklace :: Deer Necklace in Black by MStyle
Boots :: Tall Leather Thigh Boots in Black by Slink ( MESH )

Video :: Last chance by Maroon5
“But for everything that I lack
I provide something you almost had
Hot flesh that you yearn that grab”

Will work for hair.

Pose :: Francesca Pose 03 by AUSHKA & CO
Windlight settings :: .AnaLu. studio5
A few hairstyles I’ve collected thus far. Some are fairly older than others but, I love them all the same and I’m pretty sure you guys haven’t seen any of them on this blog so I figured, why not share? Besides, I’m inventory sorting, finally! after weeks of piling things on and rummaging through folders. Btw, if you haven’t done your inventory sorting yet and don’t know where to start, check out Ohmai’s amazing tutorial on how she sorts her inventory! In the meantime enjoy these hairstyles!
Will work for hair. (pt. 1 )
Will work for hair. ( pt.2)

1. Bringiton ( MESH ) by /Wasabi Pills/
2. Kristina ( MESH ) by *Alice Project* by Alice Demonia ( at March Mesh Madness event )
3. Alexis by >TRUTH<
4. Shine by [e] ( elikatira )
5. Ginger by /Wasabi Pills/
6. Lykie ( MESH ) by >TRUTH<
7. Listen ( MESH ) by [e] ( elikatira )

What I was wearing
Top :: Ellery Top in (White) by Kyoot
No eyebrows :: Brows-B-Gone by Miss Shippe’s Studio
Body paint :: Fire Body Paint [FULL] by [Handverk]
Eyeliner :: Puss Liner – 01by !nona. by Vivica Bernitz
Freckles:: 3 Add Tatoo Layer by *YS&YS* ( included in skin packs )
Lipstick :: Lipstick in Pink by [DDL] ( dulcet de leche )
Eyelashes :: WingLashes by HouseofFox by Fashion Landar
Cheek piercings :: Cheeky Piercing [Bead] – B by [twee.]
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory ( no longer available )
Eyes :: iClarion in Black by .sP. by naomi afterthought

Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug )

Windlight settings :: StrawberrySinghDotComEmerald
Pose used :: action 004 by Apple Spice
Location :: Innsmouth, a dark New England Coastal Town.

Snapshot lines got you down? Elysium Eilde on youtube has the perfect fix for that! This might be old news to some of you pros out there but, since I’ve just recently heard of it excuse my exaggerated enthusiasm! But, for those of us who are familiar with those annoying lines and have been hunting for a solution, fear no more mi comprades! That solution has arrived! You will need;

( Step 1 ). Photoshop CS5 and older ( If you have an older version of CS that’s fine too, you’ll just need to take different steps which Elysium addresses towards the end of the video.)

( Step 2 ). Watch this video, “Second Life Snapshots – Those Pesky Lines! “ by Elysium Eilde. And, viola! Problem solved. :

Here’s a before and after of the results I got after following the instructions she’d given in the video. Practically seamless!.
Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug ) Pt. 1


Anyway, on to the look of today.It’s pretty much a combination of things I have worn in the past, mixed in with a few items I picked up from my last shopping trip. Also, I have treated the coloring in photoshop a little. So if you’re looking to play around with your snapshot’s coloring try some photoshop actions you can find on deviant art. You’ll need to install them into your version of photoshop so, here’s a mini tutorial I found via google to help you with that.
Snapshot lines be gone! ( Tutorial plug ) Pt. 2

Good luck!,

What I am wearing;
Skin :: – Paige in Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory Skin ( no longer available )
Lip gloss :: Elly Juicy Gloss w/ Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by [PF] (pink fuel )
Eyeliner :: by .Pekka. designed by Ginevra Rodex
Nosebleed :: long right by *Stiky Kiss designed by Substrom Daysleeper ( may no longer be available)
Eyes :: Light Sensitive in Bloodshot in Light Blue by .ID. (insufferable dastard)
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Shape :: Mine ( see similar shapes )
Bloody Knee :: by *Stiky Kiss designed by Substrom Daysleeper ( may no longer be available )
Hair :: Bring it On! in Babydoll by ::Exile:: ( MESH )
Thorn crown :: Gratia plena by ~.:.Hysteria.:.~
Gloves :: Dana in Jet by LaGyo
Nails :: Longest Nails in BLACK by Mstyle
Tattoo1 :: Arm rings by Nuuna Skins designed by Nuuna Nitely
Tattoo2 :: Neo2, faded version by Garden of Ku
Posture Collar :: by [AiTech] @ opencollar temple ( free and scripted )
Harness :: by [H]arsh ( MESH )
Top :: Corset Top in Fishnet by FuK’N’HawT
Shorts :: Ripped Tiny Shorts in Black by FuK’N’HawT
Gun Leg w/ wrapped stump :: Cherry by Olive Juice ( may be closed(?) )
Leg Holster :: Desert_Eagle by :::Brutal Weapons:::
Heels :: “Coty” HighHeels in Black by Debrah’s

Heartbreak Warfare ( dedicated to Chardon H.S )

Windlight settings :: StrawberrySinghDotComOriginal
Pose used :: Glitterati – 143

Heartbreak Warfare ( dedicated to Chardon H.S ) ( pt. 2 )

This is a rushed post. And although I wasn’t really planning on posting anything new anytime soon some recent events caused a change of heart. This outfit collage of my avatar’s LOTD may not be anything special but, I just wanted to take sometime out to dedicate this post itself to Chardon H.S. in Ohio and to the student who lost his life in the school shooting as well as to the other 3 who were injured.
That’s all. Have an awesome week!

Heartbreak Warfare ( dedicated to Chardon H.S ) ( pt. 1 )

What I was wearing::
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Hair :: Velvet in beach by >TRUTH<
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! (Light Brow) by [Ill] Illusory ( no longer available )
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Basic in Light Blue by .ID.
Eyeliner & Blush :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Lipgloss :: Elly Skins Juicy Gloss w/ Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by Pink Fuel Skins
Long sleeve Shirt :: Plath Blouse in (Black) by Kyoot ( Collab88 item )
Taped fingers :: Taped Guts (Loose Hand – Forearm Gap) by SiniStyle
Jacket :: [Opium] Cropped Bomber Jacket by Abyss
Leggings :: Seamless Hooker Leggings by Fleshtone
Taped Guts :: by SiniStyle
Boots :: Triumph Boot by [Gos]
Skirt :: Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil. by [Aura] ( Collab88 item)

Video :: Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer

If you want more love,
Why don’t you say so?

New divide.

Listening to :: New Divide by Linkin Park ( what does it mean? I loved this response I found on yahoo a lot.)
Windlight settings :: Places Terre Des Mortes

New Divide ( pt. 3 )

New Divide ( pt. 2 )

I recently had a mild burst of inspiration with this look I’ve been building each time I logged in from the first time I saw this posture collar by Sinistyle Design on flickr. I was floored by it’s uniqueness. Who needs a gag when you can wear an all purpose posture collar? Brilliant!

New Divide ( pt. 1 )

I also picked up this awesome chair from [HANDverk]. I haven’t done a lot of renovating lately but, I thought it’ll go well with some of the pieces I already own. There are some single and couple poses in it already but, I felt like posing using my pose stand instead.

Anyway, I am still remotely on some sort of hiatus but, I had a LOT of free time this weekend and I got the blog-itch, sue me! *laughs*.

New Divide ( pt. 4 )

Poses used;
( Turn around, bright eyes ) by Blah.
breaststroke by Del May
154, 172, 188 by Glitterati
Bad red 9 by Olive juice
_stand_52 by shopo.O
sexy pose 015 by apple spice

What I was wearing;
Horns :: Swept Horns in (Glossy Chocolate) by {Lemon Tea}
Hair :: Izzy by [BURLEY]
Skin :: Paige FaLaLaLaLa! in Milk by Illusory ( no longer available )
Eyes :: iClarion Green by .sP.
Nosebleed :: by ‘;:**:;’ Sticky Kiss’;:**:;’

Eye makeup used;
Mascara tears :: Sorrow Runny Mascara 01 by .:: Delusions ::.
Bloody tears :: Crybaby in Blood by ~SongBird~
Eyeliner 1 :: Black Eyeliner A04 by [ni.Ju]
Eyeliner 2 :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer (old, may no longer be available )
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai

Posture collar :: Colubridae Collar by SiniStyle
Key earring :: THE KEY EARRING by KOSH
Latex bikini :: G58 & pasties by Graves
Harness :: by [H]arsh ( MESH )
Heels :: OBEY by [Diktator]
Tattoo :: Bow Legging Tattoo by [GLUE INK]
Bloody Knees :: by ‘;:**:;’ Sticky Kiss’;:**:;’

Disclaimer :: No real avatars were harmed in the process of this shoot. We appreciate the realistic values of ketchup in depicting blood.

The hardest things are always said last… ( going on hiatus ).

As I push the 100 and something blog post threshold I feel myself losing interest. Perhaps it has a little to do with how hectic/busy my rl has gotten since this semester’s began. Like for example, I took pictures last week and I am not entirely satisfied with them but, I figured to achieve the ‘looks’ I want, I’d need to dedicate more time to the process… more time, which, I certainly don’t have.

So, what’s the basis of all this? Is it a subtle hint into the near future? Maybe… because, as it is this year will be an eventful one. I am graduating in the summer and making plans for grad school or pursuing a second degree. I’ll be leaning towards the latter but, I am certain my performance by the end of this semester will be the defining factor all around.

Oh, and not to mention, I’ll be moving in less than a month. Now, not to put my entire reallife out there because, I’ve always strived to maintain a certain amount of anonymity but, I think it is important everyone who cares understands the reasons behind my prolonged absences hence! the explanation…out of respect mostly… Because, I just think it’s rude to disappear without a word and not to the mention, the speculations that might arise as some people have no problem blatantly impersonating others ( e.g the never ending copybot crisis and the things in between) ~ of course, that’s another story for another blog post.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my short ado about absences!. When I am officially back, you’ll be the first to know!

and as always,

Video :: Heartbreak warfare by John Mayer
Lightning strikes
Inside my chest to keep me up at night
Dream of ways
To make you understand my pain

Clouds of sulfur in the air
Bombs are falling everywhere
It’s heartbreak warfare
Once you want it to begin,
No one really ever wins
In heartbreak warfare

If you want more love,
why don’t you say so?”

When red riding hood left the woods.

Windlight settings :: Place Cornfield
Location :: Roche

When red riding hood left the woods.

Hello dear friends!
So, the owner of [W]ynter Ms. Noemi Azambuja released this riding hoody at the Perfect Wardrobe event going on right now and as soon as I saw it I knew I just HAD to HAVE IT!.

When red riding hood left the woods. ( pt. 2 )

Anyway, after whipping up this outfit I decided to prance around at this sim I found via Joe Balbozar’s flickr stream. Hope you like it.

What I am wearing:
Skin :: Paige in Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! by [Ill] Illusory ( on sale for 300L )
Eyes :: Light Sensitive/Basic in Light Blue by .ID.
Blush :: ~Orange Blusher~ in fresh by ROZENA
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Lip gloss :: Juicy Gloss w/Teeth in (Lingerie Pink) by [PF] Elly Skins ( Pinkfuel)
Eyeliner & Blush :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Hair bow :: Kawaii Bow by Magika
Hair :: Again in Red 05 by [e]
Hoody :: Riding Hood Glitch by [W]ynter @ the perfect wardrobe for 99L
Gloves :: Taped Fist & Black Nails by SiniStyle
Top ( under hood )Soft Resolution Top in (Cream) by Kyoot
Skirt :: maxi skirt by JANE ( MESH )
Boots :: winter boot by (TokiD)
Agiz bow designed by Severed Garden for LR weapons

New year renovations and a shape!.

Windlight settings :: Place Astryls wild

So, I spontaneously decided to tweak up my mini shop, Jumphearts, for the new year. As far as I can remember the last time I had done any major renovation was at least 8 months ago? So, I got tired of staring at the same old stuff and decided to get to work. Oh my goodness! almost a hundred hours later and some suggestions from Daphne and Tobias over at [HANDverk] I came up with this; taaadddaaaaa!. What do you think? yay? or nay? here’s a TAXI if you wanna check it out!.

New year renovations and a shape!. ( ~ build ~ )

Yes, the image was treated in photoshop with this free background I found!

I found this gorgeous house at marketplace by Kessi Andretti creator behind Sweet Harmony. My parcel is on the low prim side so I had to compromise a lot and ended up modifying the house down to about 20 prims. Overall, I was going for simple look and I’m happy with the results. Besides, I go googoogahgah for shabby chic or vintage houses anyday!. Oh! While on the subject of houses check out these from Willow’s. I am not familiar with her designs but, ran across them after I had purchased my house from Sweet harmony already. Anyway, If you’re looking for extremely cheap ( I mean as low as 10L ),cute and low prim shabby chic houses Willow’s seems very promising!.

Anyway, here’s a shot of me grinning my head off after I had finished EVERYTHING!. Although there are still a few things I’d like to change I am pretty content with how it’s turned out.

New year renovations and a shape!. ~ ( tired but, smiling! )

Also, I finally went ahead and got one of PINKFUEL’s Elly skins. I had been obsessing over her lipgloss collection which you can’t buy individually! 😦 … I went ahead and invested in one of her skins. Surprisingly enough –or not– I fell in love with the skin and decided to whip up a shape!. So, here’s to shape 003! dedicated to Pinkfuel!. I hope you like it \o/ .

New year renovations and a shape!.

In the meantime enjoy the first month of 2012 and I’ll see you soon!

P.s. :: each shape contains a style card of what I’m wearing.

All bare for the new year.

Does anyone ever really read these posts, rants and musings? In secondlife, it seems pictures speak more than actual words. Many bloggers prefer to keep it simple; post up pictures and then throw in what they are wearing for the day. While this is all great and dandy sometimes I think blogging is a lot more than a picture and what you are wearing for the day.

Where is the personality? What are your opinions? do you even like what you have on? :shrugs: to each their own, I suppose.

All bare for the new year. ( pt. 2 )

Anyway, the old year is gone and a new one has arrived. I tried embodying that in this post. So, here I am, bare and naked, painted white in my friend [Handverk]‘s gorgeous body paint ( check out her flickr for more paint works or her Blog) while I approach the new year on a clean slate for whatever may come.

All bare for the new year. ( pt. 1 )

Between changing viewers and adjusting settings I am more or less still looking for some of the same visual performance the Kristen viewer had. I guess I’ll go ahead and keep searching. Also, I am long over due for a new graphics card, while that’s in the works bare with my delayed posts.

What I am wearing ( or not );
Hair :: Sachiko Mesh Hair w/ ribbon in Deep ocean by /Wasabi Pills/ ( MESH )
Skin & more details :: see staples page ( of things I wear on a regular basis )
Face paint :: Arbore Face Paint in white by [H] (Handverk)
Body paint :: Talen in white by [H]
Eyeliner :: Puss Liner by !nona.
Lip balm :: Sweet Balm in Pink by !nona.
Bikini panty :: Micro Bikini Net in White by **
Heels :: “Coty” HighHeels by Debrah’s ( blogged here )
Necklace :: Chained Thread Necklace by Kyoot
Teeth :: Pearly Whites by PIDIDDLE Cosmetics

Acorn Drapes by LISP
Girl Trio Print by LISP

My daddy is coming for you.

Location :: LISP

My daddy is coming for you. ( Pt. 2 )

Look! guyssss!, I made some fashion collages in photoshop!. What do you think?!. I sorta felt like blogging today because, I put together this cute outfit inspired by ranch girls. Maybe not the kinds you have in mind but, go ahead and imagine I herd horses and stuff. Don’t blame my imagination, blame these great boots!. Ugh, look at that shine!.

Anyway, Wasabi pills released some new mesh hair today with pig tails. It’s like she read my mind!. I had been sorting through my “hair” folder in my inventory earlier in the day and whining about how much hair I had but yet I couldn’t seem to find the right one for this outfit I had just put together. Yeah, you know it’s time for an upgrade when you have so much to wear but just can’t seem to “see” anything to wear. Does that make sense?. Alright folks, enough ado about nothing, enjoy the look and see you next year!. Yes, that means this might be my last post before the new year. Goodness I’m nervous to know what may come.

My daddy is coming for you. ( Pt. 1 )

I love you guys,
yours truly,

What I am wearing;
Poses :: by Daiz Papp
Eyeliner :: Simple Line+ Blush by La Malvada Mujer
Eyelashes :: NoAlpha Lashes N15 by Miamai
Eyes :: Lunar EYES in AZUR Large by <<< np >>>
Teeth :: Mouth_open_Addon_v6 by [ PXL ] ( search market place )
Skin :: Paige_Milk – FaLaLaLaLa! (Light Brow) by [Ill] Illusory Skin ( on sale 300L)
Hair :: Amandine in Golden by /Wasabi Pills/ ( MESH )
Boots :: Folded Boots by {SMS} ( so many styles )
Garters :: WWI Army Girl Garters in Walnut v2 ( search market place)
Gloves :: Leather Gloves in *cocoa* by (5th&Oxford)
Pants :: Corsola High Leggings in Mustard by (PRISS)
Top :: SilkNeckTieBlouse by Maitreya ( MESH )

Video :: Back to Me by Kathleen Edwards
“I’ve got ways to make you sorry
start my life with someone else
I’ve got ways to make you fall
I’ll tell you all the things that I lied about
I’ve got ways to make you mad
Laughing at the girl sitting on your lap
I’ve got ways to make you sing my songs
Ones I ain’t written yet”